• Tongkat ali is a popular herb in TCM for men’s health, particularly male fertility and energy.
  • It can increases testosterone levels and hence positive effect on sperm development. It also combats stress hormones cortisol, hence suitable for women too. Reduces stress, helps poor sleep and is anti-aging.

siberian ginseng
  • Siberian ginseng helps to normalise the way in which the body responds to stress and acts to regulate the manufacture and secretions of the adrenal hormones.
  • They also use it to treat sleep problems (insomnia) and the symptoms of infections caused by herpes simplex type 2. 

  • Dodder is used in TCM to invigorate the kidneys and consolidate kidney essence (jing), nourish the liver, improve eyesight, and arrest diarrhea.
  • It is used to treat urinary tract, spleen, psychiatric, and hepatic disorder


  • Rosea laevigata is used in TCM as a health tonic.
  • It can consolidates essence, reduces excessive urination, stop vaginal discharge and astringes the large intestine and stops diarrhea.


  • Rhodiola is an herb that grows in the cold, mountainous regions of Europe and Asia.
  • It has been used in TCM for many years and can replenish qi (vital energy), clear the lung system, nourish the heart system, enhance mental functioning, stop bleeding, and dissipate swelling and bruises.